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Serving the narrow web printing industry

The Grafotronic concept unite the high quality and optimized price/performance ratio. We only use well known supplies for easy service and high quality.

Grafotronic is a fast growing business. We have supplied a large number of machines to customers in over 30 different countries around the world.

Serving the flexo printing industry

Wasberger group is a trading house serving flexo printing companies with supplies and machinery.

We have more than 40 years experience

Serving the flexo printing industry since 1971, we are happy to share our know-how with our customers. We represent only quality manufacturers of machinery and supplies. We have a wide range of products for the label, corrugated, carton and flexible packaging printing industry .

We are mainly focused on products:

Flexo printing unit: aniloxes, doctor blades, Ink-tray, sleeves, UV-lamps, cleaning machines and cleaning solutions.

Slitting/die cutting area: flexible dies, magnetic cylinders, slitting knives and waste handling systems.

Other parts of Wasberger group are products manufactured by ourselves such as Grafotronic, Inktrays and Wasberger IFC

In each of our offices we have an inventory of parts/supplies/products for your needs. Our team of sales engineers are here to serve and assist you. Please contact us by phone or mail. 

Systems & Machines

Supplies & Services

Systems & Machines

With a complete range of manufacturers of machinery and systems for specific needs, such as printing or offline in combination with: 

Slitting and die cutting machines, Flexoprinting, Flexo washing machines, Inkjet and numbering systems, Second hand machines, Waste handling, 100% vision-systems, Chamber doctor blade system, etc.

Wasberger Grafotronic Machines  

Grafotronic Narrow Web Finishing Machines
High quality narrow web inspection, slitting and die cutting.

Second Hand Machines

Welcome to Wasberger used machines and tools.


Wasberger latest news.


We have a wide range of products for the label, corrugated, carton and flexible packaging printing industry.
Anti static systems, anilox, blankets,flexo cleaning products, slitting & perforation, doctor blades, flexible dies & magnetic cylinders, inktrays, punches dies crimplocks, sleeves for flexographic printing, UV lamps & reflectors, rubber sleeves, label printing inks.

Wasberger Inktrays

Wasberger Inktrays are avaible with a range of customized PET trays that allow quick changes between printing jobs.

No more cleaning and no more leaking cardboxes!
With our product you will decrease your down time and increase your profit.

Make your own cost saving calculation here:

Wasberger Flexo Cleaning Products

Wasberger has a complete range of cleaning solutions for the flexo printing industry.
Modern chemistry from Wasberger cleans quickly and dissolves all types inks effectively and minimize the time between two jobs in flexo printing. Applications examples: Anilox, printing plate, doctor blade.
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Service, Installations, Repair & Manufacturing of machines

We are always on stand by for our NIPSON & FlexoWash customers covered by service agreements. To adapt a printing press for an additional UV flexo unit and a 100 % inspection system requires re-design and manufacturing of additional units to your existing press. 
What ever your needs might be, we are able to help.